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Current Climate Conditions


In March 2019, El Niño conditions continued. The positive equatorial sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies persisted across most of the tropical Pacific Ocean. Positive sub-surface temperature anomalies remained across most of the equatorial Pacific. Convection and the westerly wind anomalies near the Date Line have persisted. Positive monthly mean temperature anomalies exceeding +5°C prevailed over central Russia, western Arctic Sea, Alaska, and northern Canada. Negative temperature anomalies were observed over northern USA, Greenland, North Africa, Middle East, and some austral seas. Positive precipitation anomalies prevailed over the western and central tropical Pacific, southwestern Indian Ocean, southern Australia, and North Africa. Negative precipitation anomalies spanned the western and central off-equatorial South Pacific, eastern Tropical North Pacific, North Atlantic, eastern Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal, Malaysia, the Philippines, Philippine Sea, East Asia, central Russia, western Canada, southern Europe, and southern Africa. 


Climate Highlight

For timely detection and monitoring of major climate events over the Asia-Pacific region, the latest observed weekly, monthly and seasonal mean values of surface temperature (TSFC), outgoing long wave radiation (OLR), rainfall (RAIN), sea surface temperature (SST), surface wind (UV850) and geopotential height at 500hPa (Z500) are provided.