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Research Report

Total : 135

No Subject Author Date File
135 한반도 중기 가뭄의 기상학적 특성 분석을 통한 가뭄 전망 기술 개발 (Korean) Dr. Boksun Myoung 2018.04.02
134 Operation of WMO LC-LRFMME (Ⅶ) (Korean) Dr. Woo-Seop Lee 2018.04.02
133 Development of the APCC-KMA Collaboration System for Improving Operational Long-Range Forecast (Korean) Dr. Yoojin Kim 2018.04.02
132 Development of Smart Water Management System Using Climate Information to Mitigate Water Shortages in the Kingdom of Tonga (Korean) Dr. Yonghee Shin 2018.04.02
131 Development of Prediction System for New Contents based on APCC MME Seasonal Forecast (Korean) Dr. Young-Mi Min 2018.04.02
130 A Decision-Centric Assessment for Water Resources Management in a Large River Basin under Non-Stationary Climate (Korean) Dr. Daeha Kim 2018.04.02
129 Improvement of the APCC Operational Climate Prediction System (Korean) Dr. Woo-Seop Lee 2018.04.02
128 Expert Seasonal Prediction System for Seasonal Outlook in Korea (ESPreSSO-KR) (Korean) Dr. WonMoo Kim 2018.04.02
127 Statistical Downscaling of APCC Seasonal Prediction using Weather Generator - Based on East Asia Winter/Summer Monsoon - (Korean) Dr. Moosup Kim 2018.04.02
126 Development of a Drought Forecast Model for Fiji based on High-Resolution Dynamic Downscaling of Climate Data and Machine Learning of Long-Range Climate Forecast and Remote Sensing Data Dr. Hongwei Yang 2018.04.02