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Development of the Expert Seasonal Prediction System: an Application for the Seasonal Outlook in Korea
WonMoo Kim, Sae-Rim Yeo, Yoojin Kim / Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences
Date : 2018.10.15
A newly developed APCC SCoPS and its prediction of East Asia seasonal climate variability
Suryun Ham, A-Young Lim / Climate Dynamics
Date : 2018.10.20
Global crop yield forecasting using seasonal climate information from a multi-model ensemble
Yonghee Shin, Moosup Kim, Jaewon Choi / Climate Services
Date : 2018.08.17
Predicting future frost damage risk of kiwifruit in Korea under climate change using an integrated modelling approach
Yeomin Jeong, Uran Chung, Kwang‐Hyung Kim / International Journal of Climatology
Date : 2018.08.23